The truth has arrived at an alarming pace, like raiders on horseback. 
My brain is inundated with images of war, suffering, poverty and hate. 
I have found solace in vices, temporary solitude that bring with them repercussions that last longer than the peace they provide. 
This body of work encompasses the experiences that have created my overarching narrative as a sentient being.
Moments of truth, freedom, joy, love, hatred, sickness, violence and death. 
Moments that have made me feel a thousand feet tall.
Moments that have killed me.
While I've moved past them on this plane of my existence, I've come to believe that they continue to occur forever simultaneously in varying layers of other, multiple universes. 
The "multiverse."
While my brief near quarter of a century on this Earth is nowhere near comparable to the collective experiences of someone triple (or quadruple) my age, I will forever believe that human emotion is too powerful to simply be a collection of neural synapses coupled with the secretion of hormones from different glands. 
We are bound to our memories like prisoners, chained. 
They haunt us, free us, and ultimately define us, because they physically exist forever. 
When we recall a memory from our memory bank, we are quite literally attaching ourselves to a moment that is still occurring in another universe, at a moment in time we live entirely separate from and thus cannot physically access. 
Comparable to the ripples caused by a stone falling into a pond, we either are creating our existence on this plane or are experiencing moments already predetermined, like the spreading ripple. 
Regardless of where we lay, recalling our memories allows us to attach to a moment still happening somewhere else in space and time. 
Over the last two years while recalibrating both the trajectory of my career and personal life, I contemplated heavily the weight of my decisions and actions in regards to my friendships and my family. 
To be so close to your dreams multiple times only to have them taken away by a mixture of luck, fate and idiocy left me angry and unwilling to deal with anyone who didn't show me total and utter loyalty. 
I purged my true friendships, pushed those close to me as far away as I possibly could and struggled to regain my equilibrium.
Throughout creating this body of work I equalized my suffering by connecting to the moments that defined me during my period of relative silence.
I am coming to learn to love myself for the mistakes that I have made, at moments in time when I was far away from the person I was truly meant to be. 
I strive to find happiness in the truth of the world, regardless of its undying ugliness.
To truly love yourself and your life, you must learn to love the memories that define you. 
Vertical love.