Eternally chasing this seemingly invisible carrot has taught me to be patient. I continue to ponder whether or not the fruits of my labour will be fully realized, but in the same stride recalibrate the entirety of my thought process and realize that it really doesn’t matter if people listen to my music, or like it, so long as I’m satisfied with it and know that I put my best foot forward.
I understand that if I put any semblance of myself into the idea that this will create anything meaningful for me beyond the self-satisfaction of creating a body of work that encapsulates where I am in my life, I am set up to be let down and destroyed.
I have seen time and time again that realizing goals comes with an unseen set of circumstances that can oftentimes be both detrimental and destabilizing.
My want to be accepted and my need to be validated by the public should not come at the expense of my well being, or my ability to enjoy the creative process. 
I need to take the time to appreciate where I’ve been and where I’m going. 
To think that Underøath were the first band to record in this house after James purchased it is humbling. 
The albums/bands that followed (Paramore, Go Radio, Hands Like Houses, etc) coupled with his earlier credits with Dashboard Confessional had a huge amount to do with shaping my sonic perspectives. 
A lot of those sounds were made here, and that in and of itself is something that I should appreciate/be humbled by. 
Two weeks from now we’ll have a finished product.
The only thing that should matter is whether or not I’m/we’re proud of it.