Sept 19, 2016

Drums are finished.
It feels weird to say that. 
To wait for something to start for essentially two years only to knock out 6 songs in under 6-7 collective hours of playing is exciting/disconcerting. 
It's funny that we use future moments as markers for our personal growth only to realize those moments depart as quickly as they arrive. 
Our goals/dreams/obsession with success pushes us further and further away from accessing the beauty of the present. 
I need to wake up to today.
I need to learn to separate my personal life, family and friends from my increasingly all-consuming career. 
Newman is right when he says that the majority of us (in this industry, especially) are never satisfied. 
You start with a crowd of 100, but want 250.
You get 250, but in turn seek the rush of 500. 
Then 1000.
Then 5k.
Then 10k.
It's all retch and no vomit.
It never gets there.
It'll never be enough.
I can only set myself free if I learn to find the peace I seek within myself.