//Two Years//

Two years ago this week I split from my previous project.
I honestly didn't know if I'd ever be in the position to do this professionally again - if I'd get back to California, New York, Europe + wherever else living this life has taken me since high school. 
We only have three days off over the next four weeks, and we'll be locked in a room working with a man who has more to do with my understanding of sound/records than I probably even know (given 3/5 of my favourite albums ever were produced by him).
I am mystified and humbled by the fact in which the universe has placed me here.
6 years into my professional career and I'm increasingly thankful I didn't break into the top 40 space off of our first record deal.
It would've killed me as a person and destroyed my sense of creativity.
It would've taken my soul.
It would've ruined my family.
I know I've said it, but leaving that project and engaging with myself for the first time in my adult life with no real obligations truly did set me free, artistically/otherwise.
It's hard not to smile when I hear these records.
The guys feel like we've created something that will change everything for all of us. 
For the first time in my life, I genuinely agree. 
My faith in this isn't egotism.
It's the sound of realization.
Of awakening.
Of self acceptance. 
Of the future.

(It's coming faster than you think).