A special thank you to Alternative Press for featuring us this weekend with some of our Canadian friends. 
You can check out the article as well as some awesome new bands coming out of the great white north here: http://www.altpress.com/features/entry/canadian_bands_you_should_listen_to. 



I know I've been silent.
The road to getting this off the ground has been longer than expected, but worth it (self releasing would be a waste at this point).
Below are the dates for our tour with Simple Plan - you can also catch us in Toronto + London respectively on June 4th and June 6th with Hawthorne Heights. 
Stay spooky. 




I've neglected to post any real content for a little over a week and a half. 
Not by choice, but out of necessity. 
The whirlwind that was finishing the EP with Hurricane Matthew bearing down on me coupled with the emotional expulsion that three and a half weeks stuck in the same house in Florida (surrounded by rednecks and alligators) brings left me drained and unable to fully apply myself to writing/ranting about anything meaningful. 
It's so weird to look back on the last month and realize that it's already over.
I didn't fully appreciate how alone we all were there until I came back to Toronto. 
My first day back I opted to drop my fiancee off at work - after ten minutes on the streetcar I was having such a severe panic attack because of the crowds/busyness that I had to remove myself from public transit and lock myself in a Starbucks washroom until I felt like my heart wasn't going to stop from overexertion. 
Going from seeing the same five people over a twenty five day period without going anywhere/doing anything to King Street on a weekday was more than my psyche could handle, apparently. 
If three and a half weeks in relative isolation can do that to me, I really feel for the souls locked in solitary confinement right now. 
Beyond that, I'm just trying to enjoy the time I have with my family now before signing/long-lead press/months worth of impending tours.  
The bonus of having previous experience with other projects/proxy endeavours professionally is understanding the cycle that you inevitably end up in. 
I know that once (and even before) this music drops we'll be put through the proverbial wringer - a tidal wave of van sleeps, shitty food, airplanes, asshole sound guys and interviews with people who don't actually give a fuck about me or the band.
For now, I'm going to walk my daughter to school, cook dinner for my family and focus on ensuring every element of this is ready to go for 2017. 
Once we start, we won't stop. 



That was close as fuck.
Thankfully, we'd been three days ahead of schedule for the entirety of the recording process, which meant that we were able to finish background vocals approximately three and half hours before my flight (which was one of the last) back to Toronto. 
While two of the interns were driving me back, people were literally starting to board up their homes/places sandbags strategically in front of storefronts/doorways/etc. 
The evening before, I'd gone into Publix to pick up some sausages to cook for dinner - the shelves were already being emptied and the lot was overflowing with cars looking for parking spots. 
Floridian's have this seemingly unimpressed/impartial view of hurricanes - dealing with storms, lightning and high winds are almost as ingrained in their culture as oranges and alligators. 
When I asked one of the interns why he wasn't worried about the hurricane, his response was, "It's honestly just really loud background music. During hurricane Charley, I sat underneath my stairs and ate pop tarts while we played N-64 until the power went out."
As a Canadian having exclusively dealt with snowstorms, ice-storms, sporadically strong thunderstorms along with the odd earthquake while in California, I can say with confidence that I would rather any of those over the impending fucking doom that a hurricane brings. 
When I saw on Wednesday that the expected storm surge was over 11 feet and that sustained winds could max out at 140mph, I was out.
After some of the worst turbulence I've ever experienced during the first half-hour of the flight, the sunset ended up being pretty beautiful. 
Check out some photos below: